Defi and Crypto transactions are reported to explode in 2023

Digital research firm - Reflexivity Research recently released its annual report and market overview, which is “Annual Review 2022/Transition Prospects 2023.”

MicroStrategy affirms that they will continue to buy and hold Bitcoin for the long term

MicroStrategy's CEO says they will continue to buy and hold Bitcoin long-term.

Kazakhstan to build central bank digital currency on BNB Chain

“National Bank of Kazakhstan (NKB) will integrate their CBDC on @BNBchain. #BNB” - CZ Binance’s Twitter on October 27, 2022

Elon Musk now in charge of Twitter, CEO and CFO have left

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now in charge of Twitter.

Binance Launches Native Oracle Network, Starting With BNB Chain

The exchange said its oracle service will directly benefit some 1,400 applications running on BNB Chain.

Nokia Believes the Metaverse Will Replace Smartphones in the Future

Nokia is predicting the fall of the mobile phone trend known today at the hands of the metaverse. While phones will still be around, metaverse experiences will be the primary form of communication in the second half of the decade.

Binance Wins Registration as Crypto Asset Service Provider in Cyprus

The crypto exchange can now offer more types of digital-asset services.

Following launch hype, PancakeSwap wants to deploy mainnet on Aptos

Developers cite business development opportunities, protocol expansion and the technical capabilities of the Aptos chain as the main reasons for the proposal.