SB Group is a pioneering technology business in the development of fitness applications, utilizing digitization and Blockchain technology.

Established in Singapore in 2021. Along with diverse ecosystems like Play-to-Earn DragonSB, Stretch-To-Earn, SBSwap, and others, SB Group will provide users with new experiences, convenience, and profit from a variety of sources.

Collaborating with DnR Labs, DAO Maker,, Maven Capital, Magnus, ReBlock, OIG, KOI, CMC Capital, StarTerra, Diversity Ventures, and others.

Enterprise scale: SB Group is built and developed by a team with many years of experience in the Blockchain and GameFi fields. Our employees are in-house staff including 3D Art, game developer, graphic designer, copywriter, marketer.

Mission: Provide Blockchain solutions and products with broad global applicability in industries such as entertainment, health, finance, and technology, among others.

Vision: SB Group will become a leading Blockchain company in Vietnam and around the world, with the goal of creating diverse ecosystems that benefit the community.